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How secure is my firm and my client’s financial data?

Client Interface

Can my client choose from their GL category and vendor lists like my staff can in the Classifier tool?
Does my client need to sign up for a Bloomtri account to provide me memos for uncategorized expenses?
Can I edit my client’s responses and communicate with them through the QuickBooks memo?
When do the weekly e-mail notifications go out?
How do I manually send an e-mail notification to my client?
Can I customize the branding of the tool to show my logo in the e-mails and client view of the tool?
Can I customize the content of the e-mail notifications that my clients will see?
How do my clients access their uncategorized transactions?


What data is Bloomtri accessing?
Does Bloomtri add transactions into QBO?
What types of transactions does Bloomtri sync and display from QBO?
When does the auto sync happen?
What data is the classifier hint using to suggest GL categories & vendors?
What data is the auto-classifier using to determine a category?
Can I customize the period of data that the classifier tool is using to find hints or auto classify transactions?
What happens to transactions in a closed period?
How do I know that the tool is working and the suggested data is correct?

Quality Check

Does Bloomtri provide a way to fix the issues in each test through the application?
Will it actually help my visitors answer general questions?


What happens if I use more than my allotted transactions for my monthly price tier?
I have a lot of clients. How much does it cost for me to add each client?
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